Tuesday, October 13, 2009


luke recently acquired a new phone. it's similar to those iphones and smartphones and whatnot - which he loves, but i have no great jealousy over. EXCEPT that he has a panoramic feature on his phone. we used this quite a bit in chicago and have begun "panoramic picture sunday" with his family over lunch. here are a few of the results (consequently, you'll get a peek at what we've been up to...):

oh the fun!
more to come.
with love,


Erin said...

There better be more to come!!

Love that panorama feature. i wonder of my handy dandy iphone knows how to do that.

probly not. stupid thing.

and love how the s&m groces have re-arranged. hadn't seen that yet. fantastic!

Evangeline S. Krenzin said...

I love your pictures. :)

deebsquad said...

Apples to apples, but no pick-nicing.

Brittney said...

HOORAY FOR UPDATES!!! Fun fotos :) Looks like marriage is rockin' your socks off - and Luke's too. In that last pic of yall reading and sipping your tea/coffee you're all bundled up and he has no socks on! AH! My feet are always cold. The one thing I don't dig about winter. Miss you :)