Sunday, September 19, 2010

date cards

On a recent date night, Luke decided to present me with some options via these date cards. On the outside of these notes are visual representations of the dates described within. Can you guess what each one is? (at one point, I thought luke was going to buy me a puppy. that was not true.)

Also, today we took a tour of Woodland Farms (owned by Steve Wilson of 21c and Proof) in Goshen and met sweet Stephanie who runs the garden there.  It's a sight to behold and you can only come by invitation.  We were also lucky enough to watch some of my co-workers try to cross the pond via zip-line and not even come close to making it.  Then, 1 of the 3 said co-workers hung upside down like a monkey and shimmied himself across the zip-line to untangle it, only to have it tangle again when he dropped back into the water. Maybe it's one of those "you had to be there" moments, but I'll tell you, there was a lot of laughing happening. And maybe some snarky jokes.


Muri said...

What's a girl gotta do to have martinis with a homeless/huge jimmy buffet fan/suspected pipe bomber? That's the visuals coming to mind from that card. His art skills are still light years beyond mind.

katherine groce said...

Megan, I was hoping you'd comment on this. And you did not disappoint.

Here's the lowdown (clockwise, from top left):
#1 Walk rue through old louisville then get a pint at a the nachbar.
#2 (this is what i chose): take rue to the dog run, go to earxtacy (yes, that's a record player - my guess was that it was sushi...) and buy a record and then hit graeter's while we were there.
#3 bike to BBC for their cheap pint night and come home to cook dinner
#4 go to village 8 where they were showing the joaquin phoenix movie "i'm still here", then to north end cafe for drinks.