Monday, January 11, 2010

sunrise at Groce Family Farm

We're making headway with the farm - we have a name, as you can see, and we already have five households signed up to receive CSA shares from us. We've bought seeds, we have a list of volunteers (yes, if you have said that you'd like to come and "check it out," you're on the list), and we're dreaming at night of chilly spring mornings and long, hot summer days. And sometimes we don't even wait until the night to dream: yesterday in church, despite a captivating sermon, I found myself dreaming of work-pants covered in mud up to the knees, sore, sunburned backs from harvesting radishes, and the satisfying soul-filling exhaustion of a hard day's work.

Come on, Spring, come on.


Alfred said...

yea, Ill come czech it out*

*my way of getting on "the list."

Stephanie Spencer said...

your blog! your blog! i found your blog!

so excited for all the colors (& eggs) your cultivating with your hubby.

deebsquad said...

my back wont get sunburned, Royals will.