Tuesday, March 2, 2010

moving slow and humming

this past saturday was sleepy and dimly lit and warm and full. i didn't leave the house once. i ate two meals with my best friends and three with my best-friend-husband. i made bread and rue only ate 1/4 of the dough. noel and i planted all the pac choi and broccoli and rudbeckia in trays and read books and had tea and fresh bread. we ate three delicous, handcrafted, wowzer pizzas around the coffee table while tyler and linsey talked about old-school video games. a lot.

luke told me to caption this: "My name is Olga and I make many delicous breads."
this is how I would caption this: " I am baking bread in my favorite apron and I am also cold."

Here is a current debate in our house:
If Luke and I had a wrestling match, who would win? Me, because I am little and aggressive and rascally (and Luke says too willing to inflict pain) or Luke, because he has more muscles and weight to him and also knowledge in the ways of wrestling moves?
Let us know what you think.

the groces


bradleyspeaks said...

Luke. he is huge.

Mariah said...

Luke. Fo sho. (sorry seester, I've tried the flinging yourself around rascally thing, only works for so long.)

deebsquad said...

you are a bit too ticklish to win a wrestling match.

kvg said...

I WILL PROVE YOU ALL WRONG! although, noel, you have a very very good point. you can't really win a wrestling match when you're hyperventilating from laughing.


Lukey G. said...

It looks like the people have spoken.

Tom and Melissa said...

definitely Katherine...she BITES.