Friday, June 18, 2010

hi(gh) heat!

We've been out of commission with the interweb since about a month ago, so there is a lot to update you all about:

------- I have left my post as manager at the coffee shop and now am working for a great restaurant/hotel in the city (Proof)serving breakfast and lunch. It's been a seamless and enjoyable transition for both myself and Luke. He drops me off at work around 6a, heads out to the farm, picks me up when my shift is done, we have lunch, and then head out to the farm again. We love routine! AND we've even been able to sell some of our produce to the restaurant!

------- Luke has been full time at the farm since April and is loving it. He does a wonderful job caring for the crops, knowing what they need and when, and creating innovative ways to irrigate/till/etc when the normal means falls through. Every day we are learning and constantly journaling in our "farm journal" about what we want to do differently next year or expand upon. We look forward to each week, as it means something different at the farm - one crop finishes, another is in full swing, another needs weeding, another is ready to be planted. Our land is filling up fast!

------- We've taken on roommates! Darren and Brittany Jennings (just married this week!) will move in with us on Saturday when they return from their honeymoon. We are so excited to share our home with them and watch our home become a collective "ours". We've been humbled and impressed with their maturity and faith. We anticipate this next season of our lives to be one of encouragement, fun, and challenging growth.

me and luke posing in our "new" hats that were mysteriously set on top of our trash can a couple of weeks ago. not pictured are all the silk flowers and lace we tore off of them.

Tuesday Jennings, the other newest addition to our home (Rue is freaking out).

me and Luke being farmers at the phoenix hill market. Don't worry, I turn the scary-face off for the customers.

Erin and I on her back porch after a lovely Memorial Day brunch...sooo lovely.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (aka Luke Groce cleaning out our basement and finding his fifteen year old glasses)


Muri said...

Both of my comments are about Luke and involving glasses. First off, he is killing it in those sunglasses. My grandma had the same ones after getting her cataracts removed. Second, Uri had Harry Potter glasses up until like a month before we got married. I had a fit getting him new ones so our wedding photos weren't forever tainted by HP.

Erin said...

yay. I made it!!

and you posted it at 9:23. freakin' me out.

katherine groce said...

haha, erin, the 9:23 will always haunt you, i'm afraid. i guess we'll only know at 9:23 on september twenty-third 2023 what it all means.