Tuesday, July 13, 2010

july, july

"this barren July,
we both wake up so dry,
that no more tears can leave us.
and all we've found
are roads we can't go down,
eyes on the day we can't see.
I hope it comes, I hope that water comes,
and drenches us in our clothes.
the world that night had seen the greatest light,
too much light to deny..."
Last night I woke to lightening and heavy rain. Oh, Lord, thank you. My husband watches the weather every second when there is a chance of rain. And every time he clicks the "future radar" button online, he says, "not that this is ever accurate..." and watches, holding his breath, as the fuzzy pixels move in punctuated bursts across our area.
But, today, it happened. That 60% chance skyrocketed and our hearts became 100% full as we worked - past the point of our clothes being wet - and until our bodies could not even take in any more water. how happy we are.

"July, July
the man I love and I, will lift our heads together
July, July, I have seen the greatest light -
too much light to deny."
July, by The Innocence Mission

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Alfred said...

I dont know exactly why, but I LOVE this.