Wednesday, August 4, 2010

the power might go out

It's raining again (!) - I promise I don't just post when it rains, but there is a strange coincidence in it all that I might need to explore. Rue is in her house freaking out because of the thunder and I feel badly for her.
Tonight is my first dinner shift at Proof. I'm wearing a dress and I did my makeup. I'm silly excited/nervous. Last night we stayed up very late (11p) and played in a friend's pool and drank sangria (IN the pool!). Luke went down the slide frontwards-feet-first, frontwards-face-first, and backwards-face-first; the latter being the one that hurt the worst, he says. It did make a pretty loud clapping noise when his back hit the water. There were several other injuries that night, but we won't go into that.
All of that happened at the end of the hottest day of the year. The heat index was 115. We got out to the farm at 7am and worked until we got the work done/were too dizzy from the heat. It was lovely to be out as the sun was coming up (this is how Luke usually does it, but I am always already at work on those mornings). And I took some pictures, so you can see for yourself what a day might look like on the farm.

And a special congratulations to this sweet couple on their recent engagement!


Stephanie said...

katherine, i was so thankful you and luke were there celebrating with us friday evening! what a sweet time, and what sweet pictures you took. thanks for posting them, as well as the ones from the farm. i'm so glad the farm is such a huge part of your life now, and that you're sharing a small piece with us!

the abell family said...

katherine, you have hot farmer mama arms!! you look so strong! congratulations stephanie! so many exclamation marks!!